About us


In 1910, Uchida Yoko was born in Dalian, China. Founded 100 years, we continue to provide high quality products.

We have contributed to the development of Japanese society. In today’s ever-changing passing day, what like space designs can catch up with this time era of changing rapidly? We think it is not only necessary of "furniture and interior design’’but also "the total planning which includes the ICT facility management and the consideration of the workstyle and the management issues.” And in this way, we are creating the concept of ICTxDesign, We continue to do new challenges.

Our Design

We are a japanese-style design department providing Space design, Interior design, Customize Product design and System integration.

Our proposed plans insist on comfotable space harmonizing with IT hi-techonology.


We have many partners for Interior design, Interior construction, Network construction, System integration, System Devlopement and Contents design in Shanghai to create the space and product with our concept.


We are about to expand business area and domain.....

Our Design Team 

Design director  /  Mitsuhiro Shoji